Comprehensive Assessment & Plan for a
Benefits-Driven Analytics Competency


McKinsey Digital’s article “What it Really Takes to Scale Artificial Intelligence”1 explains why conditions are right for data-driven benefits to really take off.  Yet most remain focused on independent projects with incremental benefit.

Innovative organizations are just starting to pursue analytic strategies at the program level.  TMA leads pioneering organizations to plan beyond analytic programs and stand up an analytically driven operation on a whole new scale: at the portfolio level.

This comprehensive approach coordinates and accumulates benefit across the enterprise – staring with the end in mind, not with technologies and resources.  It requires a longer-term view, a strategic framework, a broad foundation, effective socialization and executive command.  TMA holds the experience to lead this endeavor.  This groundwork is fundamental toward developing a data-driven culture and value-obsessed operation.

Those who invest in this groundwork now will make a substantive shift toward the ultimate goal of automated intelligent decisioning.  This leads to powerful case summaries, professional advancement and true organizational transformation.  And those who continue to tend to immediate and ongoing tactical priorities will find next year that nothing’s changed – except perhaps a new spin on the same technical rhetoric.


Organizations continue to hire more data scientists and invest in ‘cutting edge’ technologies with the expectation of greater returns.  But they show little promise of beyond artificial technical metrics and “analytics for the sake of analytics”.  This tactical focus presents a significant opportunity for industry leaders to capitalize on their strategic stagnation.

Metaphorically, while others perseverate on building more sophisticated rockets, your operation can form a mission control that achieves specific goals while looking ahead to future endeavors.


TMA’s Phase Zero performs a comprehensive assessment of an organization’s situation, structure, resources and culture.  Unlike any other service available, TMA applies the information amassed to develop a transformative plan and foundation for enabling a full analytic capability at the portfolio, program and project levels.

The plan leverages resources and talent already at hand to populate initial low-risk / high-impact valid projects that support prioritized programs and align with organizational objectives.  Under the resulting assessment design, programs across functional areas will be added to start an enterprise portfolio.  The portfolio will be driven under a federated operation with appropriate rebalancing between centralized and decentralized functions.


Like construction blueprints, the deliverables of The Phase Zero Assessment are anticlimactic, intangible and void of value return.  That’s not easy to justify.  However, the risks and future costs of undertaking an operation at this level without a broad and detailed assessment, design and resulting plan is fully impossible to overcome.

There are three primary deliverables of Phase Zero:

  • A comprehensive charter, assessment report and initial plans at the portfolio, program and project levels
  • A program-level presentation of the assessment findings and recommendations
  • A portfolio-level presentation and roundtable with executives


The value of The Enterprise Analytics Phase Zero is not realized independently.  But when executed through collaborative implementation and operational enablement, it’s truly transformative.

After the preparatory Phase Zero, TMA serves as a practice enabler to ensure that the resulting plan is properly executed and the concentrated benefits are realized.  Unlike management consulting firms, TMA oversees the synthesis of a top-down and bottom-up approach for analytics.  TMA then assumes a diminishing oversight role as the organization stands up the ability to drive the analytics portfolio forward independently.

The ultimate value is a tailored, right-sized plan to make a coordinated organizational shift to a productionized analytically-driven operation.  This operation will produce measurable, accountable, understandable and scalable benefit that will catch the attention of the board.

By taking this intentional strategic preparatory step, your organization will break out from the trap of cosmetic innovation for technology’s sake.   It will own the capability at the project, program and portfolio levels to achieve results that sound sensational yet are consistently attainable.

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