Organizations are still lured by vendor hype, conference rhetoric and “cosmetic innovation” — pursuing advanced technology for appearance.  No doubt, data scientists are doing amazing things in machine learning and automation.  But they’re almost universally optimizing for artificial technical metrics.  They’re analyzing straight past value for the organization.

There’s also the wide translation gap between leadership and practitioners – what TMA calls “the void of dysfunction”.  But most of all, there is a nearly universal lack of a strategic program-level framework to perform adequate assessment and coordinate resources, roles and the operating environment.

The framework must also accommodate the organization’s culture, mindset shift and other realities that affect the long-term adoption of a value-focused analytics operation.

Data scientists constantly deal with messy data.  But rarely, if ever, do they deal with messy humans.  And culture must be dealt with for analytics to thrive.


There has never been a greater opportunity to fully break out with analytics.  Most organizations already have capable analytics teams and technology.  Yet MIT Sloan Management Review reports that “Strategy, Not Technology, Drives Digital Transformation.”1

Those who can suspend an end-of-quarter perseverance for a slightly longer vision to build a sustaining value-obsessed analytics operation will reset the game in their marketplace.  This is the only way to routinely achieve the scale of results that are touted at conferences and applauded in boardrooms.


Before diving in with full-scale commitment to long-term enablement, it’s beneficial to begin preparing mindset toward a more strategic, portfolio-level operation for analytics.  This is best achieved through cadenced roundtable events.

TMA’s Analytics Leaders’ Roundtable is moderated by a highly seasoned, battle-tested senior consultant.  The Roundtable is conducted live on-camera on TMA’s learning platform allowing leaders from across departments, divisions and locations to collaborate instantly face-to-face. Each Roundtable is limited to 50 minutes and focused on a specific strategic theme under this format:

  • 10 Minutes: Theme introduction and presentation
  • 30 Minutes: Moderated roundtable discussion
  • 10 Minutes: Summary of discoveries and action-items


  • A live tailored strategic analytics topic presentation and moderation on a dynamic platform for a minimum of 4 organizational managers, directors and VPs
  • A full session recording in .mp4 format for corporate archives
  • A report of findings, insights, recommendations and action-items


The impact of the Roundtable goes far beyond that of training, conferences and consulting.  While a wealth of experience is conveyed by the moderator, discoveries are derived through active and recurring engagement across all participants.

This not only provides for the tailored application of content and discoveries, but a pragmatic focus on how to make them actionable.  Keep in mind that these are not technology or even project-level problem-solving sessions.  The Roundtables focus on strategic analytic operations development and overall enablement – the results of which are residual, scalable and compounding.


While the benefits of The Analytics Leaders’ Roundtable series compound over time, the strategic value gained in just a single session is powerful and unique on its own.  The discoveries from the guided moderation do more than advance analytic program literacy.  They often present and reveal tailored content that is vision-shifting.

Insights gained through Roundtables can redirect trajectories and right-size investments in opportunity identification, analytic process development, staffing, resourcing, technology investment and certainly in the analytic outcomes ultimately reached.


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