Leading with analytics begins with visionary buy-in.  That buy-in comes from top leaders who are confident in commanding true change and driving a culture that adopts a value-obsessed mindset of analytics.

Most organizations possess a technology fascination that obscures a goal–focused approach to analytics.  As well, a translation void exists between executives and data scientists that inhibits the operationalizing of analytics.

Leaders are left to wonder what to believe, who to trust and how to command.


According to M.I.T.’s Sloan Management Review1, 90% of CEO’s believe that advanced analytics will impact their industry, yet fewer than 15% are executing on a digital strategy.  This presents a unique opportunity to lead by flipping analytic cost centers into ROI generators with residual benefit.

Leaders that invest now in standing up a value-focused analytics operation will capitalize on others’ chronic strategic shortcomings in analytics.  These bold leaders and their stakeholders will enjoy a powerful, seemingly unfair advantage in their space.

The question then becomes – will you lead now or catch up later?


Leaders often attend executive conferences on AI and ‘digital transformation.’  They become very excited about the prospects of new technology.  Powerful case summaries express what was achieved, but very little about how.  Even when some strategies are shared, they are highly situational and conditional.

TMA’s Analytics Advisory Board joins leaders from the C-Suite, IT/BI, Analytics, PMO, Operations and the affected Line(s) of Business with active strategic consultants to educate, collaborate, advise and counsel.  The team demystifies analytics, separates rhetoric from reality, identifies challenges and opportunities, and explores a strategy for building a benefits-focused analytics competency.


This journey begins with a series of themed executive-level live online Advisory Board micro-sessions.  Each themed micro-session is just 50-minutes and follows a simple format:

  • 10 Minutes: Presentation of the session’s theme
  • 30 Minutes: Moderated on-camera board discussion
  • 10 Minutes: Summary and action items.

The online and on-camera live session allows leaders from any location to join instantly and meet face-to-face. The Analytics Advisory Board may start with as little as a single session with no cost or risk.


When a clear vision for a transformative analytics operation is expressed, a shared purpose is established.  This motivation drives a focus on achieving measurable results on an aligned portfolio of low-risk / high-impact analytics projects.

The benefits compound into an overall organizational analytics competency that drives measurable and scalable impact worthy of board attention and advanced competitive positioning.


Make a bold move to begin strategizing your analytic transformation now.

Fill out the form, get out your calendar and let’s dig in.