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Better tech and talent will not realize AI’s true potential. Let others chase shiny objects.  A TMA AI Strategist serving in a long-term part-time leadership role is within reach:

  • TRANSFORMATIVE | Shift from failed pilots and expensive disparate projects to the scaled benefit of an industrialized outcomes-obsessed AI operation
  • ROIx | Build a portfolio of vetted projects that drives 1,000% payback as a threshold
  • ENABLEMENT | Establish and lead a broad federated AI competency with roles and lanes that collaborate in a very intentional way
  • VISIONARY | End cosmetic innovation by scaling measurable, targeted impact with value-focused analytically-driven automation across deployments
  • ATTAINABLE | Secure a dedicated C-level leader at a fraction of the cost and risk of a full-time executive
Creating Unfair Advantage

Harvard Business Review1 and Forbes Magazine2 explain why most still fail to find value with AI, machine learning and predictive analytics.

TMA’s AI Strategist not only enables clients to avoid these common failures but elevate from a project-level and technology focus to a coordinated and broadly industrialized practice of resources, roles and opportunities that align with organizational priorities.

Why unfair? Metaphorically, others are laboring and investing heavily to achieve incremental tactical performance improvements on each successive rocket build. Your TMA fractional AI Strategist will establish a strategic coordinated mission control that prevents expensive rockets from launching into the abyss while building a truly transformative program.

Elevating to this level of strategy virtually eliminates the 87% AI project failure rate and delivers outcomes at a scale that others simply can’t touch. Your organization must make this transition at some point. Will you leave it to your successor — or make true ROIx AI transformation a part of your professional legacy?

How to Make AI Exceed the Hype

Generative AI and Large Language Models are mindbogglingly amazing technologies.

Like Big Data and Deep Learning, GenAI presents a transformative opportunity to capitalize.

But not at all in the way you’d think. And that’s the point.

While others are distracted by expensive Generative AI and LLM pilot projects that innovate straight past value, you can transcend the tech fascination by industrializing an AI operation to clearly monetize and dramatically scale sustainable AI impact that far surpasses the latest buzz.

A TMA Fractional CAO can lead your organization to avoid high-risk / high-cost / low-value one-off tech endeavors and build a measurable goal-driven analytically automated competency.

This scalability thrusts the needle to rise above the hype and catch the attention of the board while producing powerful achievements for the professional profiles of all involved.

Learn how TMA leads all this… at a fraction of the time, cost and risk of a full-time executive.

Then set up a meeting with a TMA Strategist to discuss your situation and aspirations in view of TMA’s framework, assets, approach, capabilities, experience and results.

Take the first step to stand out and put AI to work at scale.

TMA’s Services Structure

Your TMA Fractional CAO scales AI outcomes by industrializing a broad organizational competency leveraging highly developed service products.

Training & Literacy


Advance top leadership’s command of analytics’ capabilities, risks and opportunities to set a confident vision and immersive cultural adoption.


Prepare directors and managers to identify low-risk / high-impact valid opportunities and develop project definitions to drive execution.


Equip the implementation team with the design framework to prepare solutions that are actionable, measurable and adoptable.

Leadership & Enablement


A comprehensive analysis of resources, environment and culture from which portfolio, program and initial project plans are drawn.


Collaborative execution of assessment plans to build a scalable practice. Skills are reinforced to maintain a goal-driven analytics capability.


A fractional analytic lead monitors practice performance and mentors all roles across teams as self-sufficiency is established.

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Many judge an organization by the company it keeps.  TMA has guided hundreds of highly visible organizations to sharply advance their analytics capabilities, impact and bottom-line.


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